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Saturday, 22 Jun 2024

Successful QA Audit in New Plant of HPPP

On Feb 28th , 2011 , HeFei Paragon Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd (HPPP-Subsidiary of PT.Berlina TBK) officially resumed  operation in new built plant after a smooth transition from old plant ( implant Unilever China) to new plant. With completion of new facility, HPPP would not only serve Unilever China but will also supply key global customers which Berlina group (PT Berlina Tbk) is serving in Indonesia. As the strategic partner of Unilever China , HPPP archived

excellent result in the QA audit of New Plant conducted by Unilever QA team on May 18th, this is a good start for this new plant , HPPP will move forward to ISO9001:2008.

        从原厂区(中国联合利华厂中厂) 顺利过渡到新建工厂后,2011年2月28日, 合肥精英塑料包装制品有限公司(Berlina/柏林娜集团在华子公司)正式恢复营运,凭借新工厂新设施,合肥合肥精英塑料包装制品有限公司(合肥精英塑料)将不仅仅服务于联合利华中国有限公司,其业务领域还将扩展到柏林娜集团在印度尼西亚服务的全球性客户。

      2011年5月28日,作为中国联合利华的战略伙伴,合肥精英塑料在联合利华对其新工厂QA审查中取得了优异的成绩, 该成绩表明其新工厂的良好开端。为取得ISO9001:2008质量管理体系认证,合肥精英塑料新工厂将继续前进以。